Single storey, open plan rear and side extensions

Traditional building methods called for houses divided into lots of separate rooms – often resulting in small spaces that lacked natural light. A homeowner needs and design trends have changed one project has become more and more prevalent – the open plan kitchen extension.

Creating a modern space that brings the kitchen and living areas together by adding a single storey extension to the rear of a house is a task many of our customers have undertaken, and whether you live in a rural location or an urban terraced street there are numerous ways of achieving it.

This case study covers a number of projects that have used a combination of our glazing solutions to bring a project to life – all aiming to achieve a large, light-filled living space that most often will open out to a garden or terrace for indoor/outdoor living.

Regardless of whether you opt for a large extension to include both a kitchen and living space, or simply extend your kitchen outwards or into the side return to incorporate a dining area, one key element to your project is always glazing – from bifold and sliding doors that link your garden to your house, through to fixed frame clerestory windows, skylights and lanterns that flood your extension with natural light.

Products used