Site preparation confirmation – no survey

We are pleased to inform you that we are now making the final preparations to ensure your installation goes smoothly. To help us to do this we require some final bits of information from you.

We would ask to complete this form as soon as quickly as possible to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements for your installation. Please note: Failure to return this form will prevent your installation from being scheduled.

    Contact information

    Order information

    Parking on site

    Please confirm the parking arrangements at the installation address*
    Are parking permits for on-street parking required?*
    Please confirm parking permit availability?*

    Site contact

    When we commence installation it's useful for us to know who our installers should approach or contact with any questions that arise.

    Authorised person on site

    An authorised person (this could be the end user, architect, contract manager or builder) is required to be present on site for:
    • - any installation queries that may arise
    • - inspecting the installation
    • - signing the installation report upon completion

    Your installation date range

    We have separately provided your window of installation dates, please either confirm the range of dates is suitable or advise which if any are not.

    Are the range of dates provided suitable?*

    Payment of final balance

    Payment of the final balance is due on the day we complete your installation. The payment must be made before our engineers leave site, this can be done either over the phone using a debit or credit card or alternatively, payment can be made by CHAPS/BACS bank transfer; if this method is used a copy of the transaction confirmation sheet must be emailed to our office before our engineers leave site. The authorised person noted above will be required to inspect the installation, approve the installation report and receive operating and care & maintenance documents. If the authorised person is not available to sign off the installation, the system will be locked and the handles/keys will be withheld to prevent misuse and/or damage of the system. In some cases however, the system may be removed.


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