Do I need a survey?

Advice | What is a survey and do I need one?

When it comes to manufacturing your products we need to know exactly what size to make them and there are two options as to how these sizes are provided.

Traditionally in the glazing industry a surveyor would come out to conduct a survey and whilst this works well when the openings already exist, but for the majority of IDSystems’ customers undertaking new-build homes, extensions or complete renovations this isn’t necessarily the case.

What is a survey?

Our surveyor will come to site and measure the openings that have been formed by your builder or in the case of replacement works measure the existing window and door openings.

What are ‘agreed sizes’?

Rather than having a survey we can make our doors and windows etc to agreed sizes where we are told the opening sizes in advance of them being created.  This information can be provided by a builder, architect or end user.

The advantage of agreed sizes is that the order can get underway sooner as you have not got to wait to have the openings formed.

So, do you actually need a survey?

The answer very much depends on the type of products you are having installed and the complexity of the designs involved.

For sliding doors, bifold doors and windows in standard configurations the majority of our projects are manufactured from agreed sizes.

Agreed sizes often come from your builder or architect so it is often worth discussing if they are happy to do this when choosing the professionals your are going to work with.

If I don’t have a survey, what measurements do you actually need?

If you chose not to have a survey then we have put together a helpful video guide on how to measure up openings that have already been built, along with the things to take into account when confirming the sizes and tolerances required.

We need the width and height of all openings and with doors we also require the FFL (finished floor level) to underside of beam.

When are surveys required?

For projects involving more complex configurations involving a combination of products, open corners, doors sliding into pockets or where angled frames are involved we will almost always require a survey to be carried out.

We would also insist on a survey for projects incorporating glass roofs, vistaline slide and turn doors and frameless corners, because of the additional complexities involved in the design, manufacture and installation.

Does having a survey impact lead times?

Yes it will. If you opt for a survey our lead time will not commence until a survey has been carried out and the full specification for your product is agreed.

If you opt not to have a survey we can get the contract agreed and be manufacturing the products before your openings has even been completed.

If I don’t have a survey, what else do we need to know before an order is confirmed?

There are a few crucial pieces of information we need should you opt to not have a survey.

These include information about:

Will you liaise with my builder?

Yes, whether you opt for a survey or not we are always happy to liaise with your builder, whether that is to provide them with information about what we require or to enable them to ask questions about what we expect to find when we turn up to install.

Over the past 20 years we’ve worked with thousands of builders on tens of thousands of projects and whilst every home and site is different there are lots of things we have learnt along the way that can assist with making the process as straightforward as possible.

Who takes responsibility for the sizes measured?

If we survey the apertures then all responsibility for the size of the manufactured products lies with us, on the basis that nothing on site has changed since the survey was completed.

If you and your builder provide us with agreed sizes, then it is your (and your builder’s) responsibility to ensure that the openings are built to the size and standard required.

What should I do?

If you still aren’t sure as to whether you need a survey or not then talk to us. Our experienced project advisors can answer any questions you (or your builder) may have to allow you to make the right decision for your home and the progress of your build.