Monoslide slide and stack doors

The Monoslide slide and stack aluminium sliding doors provide an innovative alternative to our standard sliding door range, with individual non-connected panels that slide to one end and stack neatly into a pocket behind the wall to create completely unobstructed openings.

Individual non-connected panels

Completely unique design

The Monoslide is designed from individual, non-connected panels that slide on a single anodized track across the whole width and even around corners, before stacking at one end of the opening - either within the opening or into a pocket in the wall - creating a completely unobstructed opening.

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Totally unobstructed openings

With the ability to slide the panels to the end of the opening and then stack the doors on arms that extend inside the track, the Monoslide system is perfect for creating completely unobstructed openings that breakdown the boundaries between inside and out and creating a perfect space for entertaining. With an innovative flush track design, the doors can provide a completely level threshold between inside and out without reducing the protection they offer from wind and rain.

Completely open corners

One of the most popular uses of the Monoslide system is to create completely open corners on extension, renovation and new-build projects. The design of the system allows the panels to slide around corners meaning there is no requirement for a movable post as per bifold door corner systems. The panels can also navigate multiple corners at angles between 90 and 270 degrees and even zig-zag over long runs to stack at one end.

Designed to order

Extremely versatile

The doors can be designed in an almost infinite range of configurations, with panels up to 1400mm wide and 2800mm high all sliding on a single track to create a seamless transition between inside and out.

Residential or commercial use

The Monoslide system is equally at home on residential extensions and renovation projects, or used for commercial properties such as opening up a bar, restaurant or coffee-shop on to an outdoor seating area or patio.

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Customisable design

Like every IDSystems product, each Monoslide system is custom made to your exact specification and available in Gun Metal Grey (DB 703) textured, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) matt or Jet Black (RAL 9005) matt.

DB703 RAL 7016 and RAL 9005 colour swatches

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