Internal glass partitions and sliding doors


Glass partitions and doors

The SUNFLEX range of non-thermally broken frameless glass sliding doors, slide and turn doors and movable glass walls can be designed for an almost infinite range of residential and commercial usages.

Domestic and residential uses

Whether you are looking to partition an open plan living space and kitchen, looking to divide a bedroom and en-suite or dressing room or to separate off a home gym or swimming pool, the SUNFLEX range of internal glass doors has a range of options.

From the SF20 frameless sliding door that can be designed to slide into a pocket in the wall to be completely hidden away when opened, through to the SUNFLEX SF25/30/35  internal glass slide and turn doors that stack neatly out of the way at one end to create unbroken spaces, and the SUNFLEX SF45 internal bifold door, the choices are almost endless.

The SF20 and SF25/30/35 systems can also be utilised in a range of versatile configurations including as balcony glazing to enclose open spaces in blocks or flats, or to surround patios and terraces to create winter gardens or garden rooms.

Commercial applications

In addition to their residential usages, the SUNFLEX SF20 frameless glass sliding doors and SF25/30/35 glass slide and turn doors are equally at home in commercial settings, frequently utilised in open plan offices for creating meeting rooms or individual work environments, whilst the SF45 bifold doors are used regularly on pub, café, restaurant and bar premises to open the side of the building up during the summer months.

The SUNFLEX HSW range of movable glass walls is custom made for commercial purposes and a popular addition as shop fronts for retail premises in shopping precincts whilst also being utilised in pubs, restaurants and bars to connect the indoor space with outdoor dining areas and terraces.

SF22 Art Deco Glazed Sliding Door

SF22 Art Deco inspired sliding door

Versatile single glazed sliding door with slender frames

SF20 Frameless Slider

SF20 Frameless glass sliding door

Exceptional all glass sliding door system

SUNFLEX Slide and Turn Doors being used for a conservatory


Elegant slide and turn doors

Commercial store front featuring an IDSystems balustrade

Moveable Glazed Walls (HSW)

Ideal for commercial application or as office partitions