SUNFLEX aluminium bifold door

Bifold doors

Award-winning SUNFLEX bifold doors that are packed full of innovative features, seamlessly blending style with practicality and the widest range of configurations, colours and finishing touches. available.

Let the outside in with a folding door system

With the ability to open up the doors completely, external bifold doors can provide a modern solution that can ultimately transform the look and feel of your home.

One of the most popular solutions on the market, bifolding doors are perfect for smaller spaces and for flooding your home with light. Creating an unobstructed opening that is ideal for connecting your house and garden by effortlessly stacking to one side with bifold patio doors, our bifolds can effortlessly extend your living space to create a contemporary entertaining space.

Why choose our bifold patio doors from IDSystems?

Designed with more than 35 years of bifold door experience, our range of German designed bifold doors offer industry-leading performance as well as being packed full of unique features and exclusive options not found on any other manufacturer’s bifold glass doors.

A personalised touch

Our bifold door systems can be configured to open inwards or outwards and, if designed with an odd number of panels, allow you the option of a single doorway so that you don’t need to open the full width of the door in colder months.

  • Our bifolds come with a choice of bottom bifold door track to allow you to choose the perfect option of appearance and performance.
  • Bifolds door systems are often installed outwards due to additional room externally, and inwards for smaller spaces, such as balconies or courtyards.
  • Depending on the number of panels and configuration options, bifold doors can open both ways, to the left, to the right or from the centre to each end.

Perfect for all seasons

Whether you wish to fling open your double bifold doors throughout the summer months or keep them firmly closed during the wintry season, our bifold doors guarantee ample protection against the elements.

  • Successfully reflect heat and reduce sun glare when installed with solar control glazing
  • Our range of bifold doors can offer double or triple glazing
  • Superb thermal efficiency with U-value performance from from just 0.8W/m²K.

Enclosed within the sealed glass unit of a window of bifold door, our low maintenance,  integral blinds also offer privacy and protection from the sun.

Ultimate security

We understand that the security of your home is crucial, so for your peace of mind our bifold doors have been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Award as well achieving the PAS 24 security stand to meet Building Regulations Document Q.

  • Police-approved security standards against unwanted threats, such as break-ins.
  • Exclusive in-line with the doorframe to provide uninterrupted views of inside and outside spaces.
  • Multipoint mushroom lock and shoot-bolt combination that secures the doors in place when closed.


Types of bifold doors

Narrow aluminium frames and incredibly slim frame depths from just 75mm and individual panels up to 1.2m wide and 3.5m high, our premium bifold doors are a great idea and come in a wide array of configurations. From a 2-panel bifold set up to a huge 24-panel system and everything in between, we can provide you with a tailored solution that fits your requirements.

SF75eco aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold doors are perfect for those looking to update their home with a solution that complements both old and new build properties.

  • More than 200 colours on offer and with single double or triple glazing available.
  • The SF75eco aluminium bifold door system was named ‘Best Glazed Door’ by Build It magazine.
  • Our German designed aluminium bifold door system is the most thermally efficient aluminium bifold door system on the market and capable of achieving Passivhaus standards of performance.

Art Deco style heritage aluminium bifold doors

Heritage aluminium bifold doors are designed to match the appearance of traditional steel doors, with horizontal bars across the glass that mimic the look of the Art Deco period.

  • Traditional design style matched with the ultimate in contemporary thermal efficiency, security and weather performance.
  • Thermally broken aluminium frames with customisable horizontal bars across the glass in the neo-industrial style of the Art Deco era.
  • Effortlessly stylish and practical, with the widest range of configurations – from standard external sets through to internal doors, folding windows, open corners or even curved designs.


Internal bifold doors

We can offer a non-thermally broken aluminium internal bifold doors, the SF45 that can be used between a house and conservatory or for connecting a house with a pool room or garage. The system is also hugely popular for commercial premises such as bars and restaurants or locations such as swimming pools or hospitality venues.


SUNFLEX aluminium bifold door


Sleek and contemporary aluminium bifold doors

Featured Case Studies

Stylish North Norfolk renovation and remodel featuring corner opening bifold doors

Stylish North Norfolk extension close to the beach

This 1960s detached house in Old Hunstanton in Norfolk has been lovingly renovated and remodelled to create a light-filled, modern family home (complete with corner opening bifold doors) that is perfect for entertaining.

Green-roofed, timber clad extension to a Victorian villa

This challenging project saw this Victorian villa extended to create an open plan living space filled with natural light. The largely glazed timber (sustainably sourced) clad extension houses the kitchen and dining area and facing the garden.

Riverside townhouse in the heart of Cambridge

Set on the banks of the River Cam in the heart of the city and overlooking Midsummer Common, thi.s contemporary townhouse features bifold doors and glass roofs that fill the rear of the property full of natural light

Bifold Door FAQs

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Who makes the bifold doors IDSystems supply and install?

Our aluminium bifold doors are designed in Germany and manufactured with more than 35 years of folding door experience. We firmly belive this advanced design makes our bifold door systems the best on the market. With almost 25 years of manufacturing and fitting premium aluminium bifold doors our engineers are experts in ensuring a stunning completed installation.

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What sizes do bifold doors come in?

Typically our bifold doors are ordered with panels between 800mm and 1100mm wide and between 2100mm and 2400mm high - however our doors can be engineered to be up to 1200mm wide and up to a massive 3500mm high. We can install doors in a range of configurations from 2-panels up to 22 panels. For a 2-panel system you would need a minimum opening of around 1500mm wide. Because our bifold doors are custom made to your exact requirements we can tailor the design to your exact requirments, so do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can create a bespoke solution for you!

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How many panels can a bifold door set have?

In theory the number of panels that can be incorporated into a set is unlimited, but we would usually see doors installed with between 3-7 panels. The ability for sliding doors to offer large panes of glass with minimal frames means for wider openings (typically over 5m) sliding doors have become the more popular option.

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Is there a benefit to having an odd-number of panels?

The big benefit for opting for a design that features an odd number of panels (3, 5, 7 etc) is that the lead door in this configuration can act as a 'traffic-door' for use everyday. You can open this panel, like you would a normal door, to access the patio or garden without needing to open up the entire system.

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What materials are bifold doors available in?

Our bifold doors are available with thermally broken aluminium frames. Whilst uPVC and timber folding doors are available they do have their drawbacks, so the innate strength, durability and rigidity of aluminium means that it is the perfect material from which to fabricate bifold doors.

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Can bifold doors open inwards or outwards

Bifold door systems can be designed to either open inwards or to open outwards. Most often, in external locations, our bifold door systems are installed as outward opening sets because typically there is more space on a patio or decking for the doors to stack than there is on the internal room. When doors are designed as inward opening sets this is typically where the doors are located on a balcony or are connecting a house to a small courtyard garden

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Which direction can bifold doors open?

Depending on the number of panels and configuration options bifold doors can be designed to open (when viewed from inside) to the left, to the right or from the centre to each end.

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What bifold door configurations can your doors achieve?

The short answer is that our bifold doors can achieve any configuration required. From a 2-panel set up to a huge 24 panel system and everything in between. With panels up to 1.2m wide and up to 3.5m high our doors are the most versatile bifold door system on the market so whatever your requirements we can provide you with a solution.

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Can I use a bifold door as a window?

Yes, bifold windows have become increasingly popular. Particularly for connecting kitchens to outdoor seating areas where the ability to completely open up the window allows for the creation of a serving hatch or bar area. We can also incorporate a window alongside a full height set of bifold doors for a real wow-factor.

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Do I need a track for bifold doors?

Our bifold doors are available with a choice of flush (only suitable for internal or extremely sheltered locations), weathered (best suited for exposed or rural locations) or an exclusive low-threshold track that provides a near-flush finish whilst providing an upstand against which the doors can close to form an effective weathertight seal.

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What design options can bifold doors achieve?

From open corners to curved sets, our bifold doors can be configured to create a huge range of design options. Check out our design ideas blog for inspiration and ideas for your project.

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What can I use instead of bifold doors?

If bifold doors aren’t for you, that’s no problem. Our award-winning sliding doors may be the perfect alternative. Our sliding doors have large glass panels that offer a sleek and minimalist look and have a high-quality finish. They are particularly suited to wide openings (over 5m) or extensions.

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