Bespoke glass roofs

Beyond roof lights and lanterns, if you're considering a larger or more complex bespoke glass roof, then we can help you achieve your grand design. Our systems are made to order, so the choices available are almost unlimited.

Impressive grand design featuring a structured glass roof

We provide the widest range of custom-designed glass roofs, from lean-to roofs to multi-hipped designs with unobstructed spans of up to 6m. Our experts will work closely with you to help identify the right solution for your home.

Designed to order

Infinite design options

Every single one of our roofs is carefully calculated and designed in-house to meet the exact requirements of your build. Whether you choose a lean-to roof over sliding doors, an pitched orangery roof or a more complex design involving multiple hips and valleys, we can work with you, your architect and your builder to find the most suitable solution.

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Integrated guttering

Our bespoke roofs can incorporate integrated guttering and downpipes, creating a clean and sleek finished appearance by incorporating drainage into the overall design.

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Solar control glass

As standard we fit all of our roofs with a solar control glass that incorporates a self-cleaning coating that helps to keep itself clean of dirt and water-marks. By fitting double glazed, solar-control glass it is possible to reduce the amount of heat transmittance through the glass (solar gain) preventing the rooms below from becoming too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Rooflights open Icon


To aid ventilation we can incorporate manual, electronic or automatically controlled openings into the design of your roof.

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Energy efficient

The aluminium structure of our glass roofs is thermally broken, preventing cold-bridging and therefore providing superior thermal performance - helping to make the space below the roof usable all year around.

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Part of an overall solution

Designing and manufacturing the widest range of products on the market in-house means we can integrate our bespoke glass roofs into overall glazing solutions including bifold or sliding doors, fixed frame windows or clerestory windows - providing a consistent overall design that looks like every element belongs together.

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    Featured Case Studies

    Riverside townhouse in the heart of Cambridge

    Set on the banks of the River Cam in the heart of the city and overlooking Midsummer Common, thi.s contemporary townhouse features bifold doors and glass roofs that fill the rear of the property full of natural light

    Inspiring timber clad barn extension

    Turning a dream into reality was the task for the IDSystems technical team when presented with this non-standard extension for this timber clad barn - and utilising an innovative combination of glazing helped to achieve the vision.

    Single storey, open plan rear and side extensions

    The desire to create large, light-filled living spaces by opening out the rear of a home is a common theme amongst our customers. With this in mind we have put together a case study showing how our glazing solutions can bring a project to life.