The narrow frames of theEDGE2.0 are almost invisible when closed, creating a completely unobstructed view out

Bringing the outside in, East London extension creates the perfect connection

How narrow 20mm frames between panels can make all the difference

This East London side return extension has transformed the way the owners use the house, creating a new connection between house and garden.

Prior to the renovation the house was a  typical terraced property in the capital, with larger rooms at the front of the house leading through to smaller, boxy rooms at the back that featured cramped kitchens and access to the garden via a door to the side.

With a growing family, the space of the home’s central hub and the transition from inside to outside was becoming increasingly important.

Having lived in the house for a number of years the owners undertook a complete renovation and remodel that included a side-return extension that enabled a stunning open-plan kitchen to be created, whilst across the rear of the space a set of theEDGE2.0 sliding doors create a brand new connection between the house and garden.

“The plan for [the] extension was to bring two major factors into the home. First, a lot of light, as much as possible, and second to invite the outside inside to really maximise the space that we have.”

When closed, the large sliding doors across the back of the house provide an almost uninterrupted view out, whilst drawing light into the kitchen – thanks to the narrow 20mm frames between the panels. When opened up the completely flush finish of the track extends the living space out on to the patio which almost acts like an extra room of the house.

The decision to choose a sliding door with a fixed panel was made to provide the best use of space:

“Having the extension has changed hugely the way we live in the house right now. We realised very early on in our renovation journey that the side entrance to the garden was a real barrier to us using the garden to its best. Having the extension done now, we already see how it has transformed our life because we can just walk out to the patio so freely and so naturally.”

A lean-to glass roof was designed above the side return, filling the new kitchen full of light to create a bright, contemporary space. The roof incorporates a single opening element that helps maintain the temperature in the room and provides ventilation. Previously, the kitchen was a very dark, west-facing room. By glazing that section, the space was expanded to welcome the much-needed natural light in – a key factor in the build’s final, spacious feel.

“I think there is a paradox with glazing because the better the glazing is, and the better the frame, the less you can see it – and that’s what we were really looking for – glazing and frames that will not stand in the way of the view of the garden, so we went for very slim profile, the slimmest we could possibly find and we found IDSystems”

For more information and the story behind the project follow the owners on Instagram at @thegreyhousestories.

Image and video credit: Chris Taylor Photography