Inspiring timber clad barn extension

In the middle of winter, a customer came into our showroom with a dream of building an amazing extension in Kersey Suffolk. He brought with him a basic model of what he wanted to build, including the concept of having bifold doors on the ground floor that opened up a right-angled corner. Above the folding doors would be full height fixed frames on the first floor to complement the design, with the whole extension enclosed by a glass roof. The customer also wanted to look at the option of having internal frameless glass balustrade alongside the gallery landing of the first floor.

The opportunity to create a non-standard extension was perfect for the IDSystems team and they set about utilising their knowledge and experience to turn the dream and ambitious design into a reality. A full consultation took place with the customer able to understand the appropriate products and aluminium colour samples.

To best facilitate the design our team suggested the SF75 Bifold Doors for the ground floor. The system ensures versatility for even the most challenging of projects, provide a positive result when other systems fall short. Our in house technical team were able to provide direct input to where structural steels were required and worked with the customers’ structural engineers to provide accurate information to ensure the correctly sized steel elements were selected – these steels were subsequently clad in colour coded aluminium to match the doors and windows.

With all the planning the installation went smoothly and the end result is a staggering look and a real one-off design. The IDSystems team were rightly proud that their technical knowledge was able to turn the dream into a reality and help to bring the project to life.

Products used