Stylish North Norfolk renovation and remodel featuring corner opening bifold doors

Stylish North Norfolk extension close to the beach

Bring the room into the garden and the garden into the room

Hidden away on a private road just seconds from the gloriously unspoilt sand dunes and beach on the North Norfolk coast at Old Hunstanton, this stylish 1960s home has been completely transformed by a contemporary renovation and remodel.

The renovation work was carried out to open up the rooms in the house to create large open-plan spaces that are perfect for entertaining. The house had previously been extended, but the latest works further expand the living space to provide better connections throughout the ground floor of the property and to breakdown the boundaries between the house and garden.

The most significant element of the newly completed remodel was the building of a link between the house and garage with the extension wrapping around the back of the existing structure. The new link enabled the creaton of a large family dining area which opens out from the kitchen, with the dining room and family snug connected to the garden by a corner opening set of SF55 bifold doors.

A structural steel hidden into the roof of the new space allows for a floating corner design, with the bifold doors completely opening up the room and providing not only a seamless connection between inside and out, but also panoramic views into the garden.

“It’s an indoor, outdoor house with lots of bifold doors that allow us to have the garden in the room or have the room in the garden. We wanted to create a real connection between house and garden and add a real wow-factor to the project…and IDSystems bifold doors truly helped us achieve that”

Across the back of the house SF55 French doors and a further 3-panel set of bifold doors provide a connection between the existing rooms in the house and the patio, with the large flat-roof featuring two opening flat rooflights that create pockets of light within the house whilst aiding ventilation.

To match the doors on the rear of the house, the renovation called for Vision53 aluminium windows, their slender frames finished in RAL 7016 anthracite grey to perfectly complement the new cedar cladding and the light-grey render.