Photo showing inside of IDSystems factory in Norfolk

Making aluminium doors and windows in Norfolk

Keeping up with customer demand has been one of the biggest challenges our factory has faced over the last twenty years and to do it has meant five separate expansions to our production facility.

2000-2002 | The beginnings
When the company was first founded back in 2000 the very first industrial unit it occupied measured just 980 sq ft. The business outgrew that in just 21 months and a new site was purchased that also provided dedicated office space for the growing operations and sales teams.

2002-2007 | Further expansion
That new building is still with the company, it is now our showroom on Diamond Road in Norwich but was also outgrown inside just 2 years so second neighbouring industrial unit was purchased in 2004 to take the available manufacturing facility up to 12,400 sq ft and provide additional office and showroom space.

2007-2016 | A bold move
By the time the company celebrated its eighth birthday, it was obvious that even after 3 expansions space was at a premium, so the company took the bold step of purchasing an entirely new factory unit on the edge of the Norfolk Broads in the village of Rackheath.

This 24,000 sq ft site brought together our purchasing, production, dispatch and installation teams under one roof for the first time and played a significant role in a period of rapid growth. The building remained as it was for 8 years before the opportunity to purchase the neighbouring factory unit came about in 2016.

2017-present | Our largest factory ever
The new unit was refurbished and the two factory buildings joined together before the site was fully occupied in the spring of 2017. The combined size of the factory today sits at just over 56,000 sq ft and is home to 55 staff.

The older side of the factory is now dedicated to fabrication and contains 12 individual work bays where our products, including sliding doors, windows and glass roofs, are made. The new side of our factory is where each of our products is glazed and is host to our logistics and dispatch facilities where our fleet of delivery and installation vans are loaded prior to departure. The new side of our factory also includes our research and development space along with our dedicated production facility for our new range of aluminium front doors.

The future
As always nothing stands still and plans are already in place to allow even further expansion, with a second nearby site secured to provide additional storage space allowing us to hold larger and more varied aluminium profiles in stock, helping us to continue to reduce our lead-times to customers.

Arrange a factory visit
If you would like to visit our factory to see how we make your doors you are more than welcome to do so. For health and safety reasons visits are by appointment only but if you would like to learn more simply email us at to arrange a convenient time.