The Building Centre in London

RIBA approved CPD at The Building Centre

IDSystems’ RIBA approved continuing professional development (CPD) content for architects is now available. The assesed material covers the specification of glazing products, including compliance with Building Regulations across a range of sliding, folding and slide & turn door systems.

CPD is at the heart of the ongoing learning process for architects and obligatory for every RIBA chartered member. Maintaining competence and professional standards is fundamental for architects. IDSystems can assist with our RIBA assessed ‘Specifying Glazing’ CPD seminar material that sits within the Design, Construction and Technology topic area of the RIBA Core Curriculum.

The assessed content covers the understanding of the:

The Building Centre on Store Street in London is the perfect location for IDSystems to deliver CPD sessions. Not only is it an easy to access venue with outstanding conference facilities, it is also packed full of product showcases that demonstrate the latest advances in technology in the built environment.

One of the largest product displays at the centre is the IDSystems’ stand on the lower-ground floor, allowing our technical experts the opportunity to run through the CPD material and then demonstate what it means from a design perspective with physical examples of products.

“When we have hosted CPD sessions at the Building Centre in the past they have proven to be incredibly useful for architects, because we are taking a theoretical presentation and adding real installations of actual products so we can show what it all means in practice.” said Edward Stobart, Sales Manager at IDSystems.

If you are interested in booking our RIBA CPD Providers Network seminars at the Building Centre please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to make the arrangements for a time and date that is suitable to you or your whole team.

The seminars normally last for around 90 minutes but we are more than happy to go into greater detail if it is relevant to your learning requirements. For more information about fullfilling your CPD obligations visit the RIBA website.

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