theEDGE20 slim sliding doors in Hampshire Dorset

Here is why not all slim sliding doors are the same

Eleven years after we designed and launched theEDGE, the first truly slim sliding door, there are now lots of other narrow framed systems available – but whilst they may all look reasonably similar there are lots of significant differences that you need to consider before specifying projects.

theEDGE2.0, our award-winning sliding door system with incredibly narrow 20mm sightlines, is packed full of unique features and is designed to provide the perfect combination of stunning appearance, everyday usability, weather performance and security.

Frames – sightline width matters, but so does frame depth

theEDGE2.0 / Sightline: 20mm / Frame depth: 59mm

When it comes to judging a truly slim sliding door the depth of the frame matters just as much as the width.

In order to provide structural stability a number of the systems on the market require chunky reinforcing additions to the outer frame that mean that unless the doors are viewed from completely face-on they can appear anything but slim.

The design of theEDGE2.0 combines narrow 20mm sightlines with incredibly slender 59mm frame depths ensuring the doors appear slim whichever angle they are viewed from.

Running gear – improving operation

theEDGE2.0 / Running gear: Polyamide capped stainless steel running gear

There has been a trend in recent years for other manufacturers to design systems with the bottom frames of the doors recessed into the floor. This is a trend that we have specifically avoided for one crucial reason.

In order to recess the frame into the floor the frame needs to be reduced in height to an absolute minimum which in turn has led to the running gear becoming smaller and smaller as a result. With the wheels of the running gear getting smaller and the panels of the doors getting wider it is our experience, based on more than 20 years of research and development, that this combination makes the doors noticeable heavier to operate and also leaves them more susceptible to damage if stones or garden debris get into the track.

Security – standard not optional

theEDGE2.0 / Locking bar: Continuous 5 point claw and mushroom lock / Cylinder: 5-pin, anti-bump, anti-snap Euro cylinder

The frame of the leading door on theEDGE2.0 is designed to be able to incorporate a PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design™ approved lock as standard, providing complete peace of mind and ensuring compliance with Building Regulations.

Tracks – flush floor without compromise

theEDGE2.0 / Type: Double or triple track / Cover plates: Fitted as standard / Genuine flush floor detail: Yes

theEDGE2.0 has been developed with an advanced track, providing for not only the smooth operation of the doors but also for a completely flush floor finish between your home and patio or decking – and all without reducing the performance and protection the doors provide against wind and rain.

On the internal face of the door the track features a custom-designed detail that allows for stone, wood or laminate floor coverings to be finished neatly against the track whilst on the external face of the track the external decking or patio can be brought up to the track to create a completely seamless transition between inside and out.

theEDGE2.0 is fitted as standard with cover plates which sit over the unused elements of the track and provide protection from the weather and against garden debris from falling into the track.

Configurations – almost unlimited design options

theEDGE2.0 / Number of panels: One to eight / Panel widths: From 800mm to 3000mm / All panels sliding: Possible, depending on configuration / Create open corner option: Yes / Pocket slider option: Yes

From the straight-forward 3-panel set of slim sliding doors to more complex configurations including designs that create completely open corners, panels that slide into a pocket in the wall or the integration of the sliding door system alongside fixed frame windows and even glass-to-glass corners, theEDGE2.0 is capable of them all.

With panel sizes from 800mm up to 3000mm wide and the ability to include plant-on panels as part of the design theEDGE2.0 can be utilised for openings up to an incredible 24m and therefore far exceed the requirements of any residential project. We can also incorporate plant-on panels as part of the configuration, enabling 4-panel systems with three panels sliding behind the plant-on to create three-quarter openings.

This flexibility of design allows you to create the appearance and functionality you require for your self-build, extension or renovation project without needing to compromise.