Innovative extension of large South London home

Designed by Simon Whitehead Architects this extension and renovation to a detached house in South London has completely transformed the living space by creating open plan rooms filled with light thanks to the innovative use of windows and sliding doors.

The centrepiece of the works was a single storey ground floor extension that extended the kitchen and usable living space, whilst connecting the house with the garden thanks to the Grand Slider II aluminium sliding doors and a large fixed frame picture window.

The redesigned kitchen features a flat rooflight and clerestory windows which bring natural light further into the floor plan of the original house, whilst the extension is seamlessly connected to the garden by the sliding doors, complete with an innovative configuration including a moveable corner post.

The moveable corner post allows the doors to be opened to create a completely open corner of the extension, but the innovation employed within the design means that all three doors on each side of the system can be slid on a triple track. In this example the doors can be opened either away from the moveable corner post or towards it, providing greater flexibility and more opening options.

The large picture window in the extension is completed with a window seat to the inside, whilst the inclusion of a full height tilt & turn window where the extension joins the kitchen allows for ventilation without the need to open the sliding doors.

At second floor level, the addition of clerestory windows to the main bathroom completely transformed the space, providing light whilst maintaining privacy.

Products used

Pictures used courtesy of Simon Whitehead Architects and Billy Bolton Photography and must not be reproduced without express written consent.