Stylish North London kitchen extension

Creating a larger kitchen and more useable space at ground-floor level, whilst providing a better connection between the house and the garden were the key objectives for Scenario Architecture on this North London project.

The flat roof extension features rooflights that flood the rear of the existing structure full of light, while also acting as a lightwell for the basement of the house. At the rear of the extension, a single panel Grand Slider II sliding door was incorporated into the design in a unique way.

Rather than sliding on a track behind a fixed panel, the single door slides externally on an extended track in front of a fixed window and half-height wall that provides a back to the kitchen units. At the other end of the opening, the door is integrated with a fixed frame window that is angled away from the house to provide a window seat in the dining room and a seating area in the garden.

The large glazing panels work perfectly to connect the extension with the garden, filling the house full of natural light whilst the flush floor detail of the sliding door allows a seamless transition between inside and out.

Products used

Pictures used courtesy of Scenario Architecture and Matt Clayton Photography and must not be reproduced without express written consent.