Ultra-contemporary Cardiff new-build home

This ultra-contemporary detached home was designed by Downs Merrifield Architects for their own use. Set in the suburbs of Cardiff suburbs the eco-house was constructed in the garden of the neighbouring property and designed around the requirements of their family to provide open plan living.

The timber frame structure allows the house to create innovative shapes and styles, including cantilevered elements, with the finished home featuring an office, art studio and a spacious kitchen and living space that connects directly on to the garden thanks to the SF75 aluminium bifold doors.

The triple glazed doors combine slim frames, smooth operation and superior thermal performance, with U-values from just 0.9Wm2K. The large set on the side of the kitchen open back to create a large span of over 7 metres, whilst at right angles a 3 panel set of doors open towards the main structure of the home to further connect the living space with the garden.

Throughout the rest of the house IDS65 windows are utilised in a combination of fixed frames, tilt and turn and top hung openings to fill the house full of natural light whilst still benefiting from a superior thermal performance.

Products used

Pictures used courtesy of Downs Merrifield Architects and Robert Boltman Photography and must not reproduced without express written consent.