Site Survey request

Site Survey Request

If you choose to have a survey prior to manufacture of your products one of our team of experienced surveyors will come to site.

Please complete and submit this form when all sizes and technical specification can be ascertained.

PLEASE NOTE. The survey will not be scheduled until the Site Survey or deposit payment has been made and this form is submitted.

Depending upon availability of qualified surveyors and location we are normally able to schedule surveys within 10 working days, however, in busy periods this may extend to 15 working days.

Having read the terms and conditions on our quotation I/we request a site survey and confirm that the site has been prepared in accordance with the following;-

1. All openings are fully formed including lintel in accordance with IDSystems Prepared Openings by others.

2. Floor levels and thicknesses of finishes to floorings can be ascertained or agreed

3. All openings that are to be measured are free from obstruction, e.g. temporary coverings, boarding or other obstructions.

4. An access platform is provided for any openings at high level which cannot be reached easily, e.g. roof glazing, openings at high level.

5. I/we give permission for IDSystems’ surveyor to carry-out any exploratory works as are deemed necessary during the survey and understand that any consequential repair or rectification will be my/our responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE. It is essential that an authorised person (e.g. Client/Builder* and Architect) will be on site during the survey to confirm relevant ordering information. A survey cannot take place without an authorised person present and should a return visit be required due to this an additional charge will be made as well as extending lead times.

* Where building works are to be undertaken or have been carried-out your appointed builder should be present at time of survey to discuss and/or agree these works. If these details aren’t confirmed during the survey the outstanding information will prevent the progress of your order with consequential delays.

The survey will cover the following points:-

  • Configuration and handing
  • Threshold detail
  • Surrounding structure dimensions
  • Colour requirements and options
  • Specific Local Building Control requirements (where work proceeding is under their control)

Site Survey Request Form