Viewable locations

IDSystems’ viewable locations scheme has operated for more than 20 years, enabling potential customers to view completed installations of our doors and windows in the homes of existing customers.

IDSystems theEDGE2.0 sliding doors - 4-panel door systems with angled fixed frame windows above Our showrooms in Norwich and London feature a wide selection of our products and these are supported by our product showcases in Bicester and Cambridge that highlight a handful of key systems. On top of this our 150+ viewable locations across the country provide a valuable opportunity for those planning a project to see how our products look and operate within a real home.

How it works for an existing customer

We hand select a small number of completed projects that we feel may make ideal viewable locations, these vary by location, type and style of build and the selection of products installed. We then invite those customers to become viewable locations for us. In return for becoming a viewable location we will offer the existing customer a £200 Amazon or John Lewis voucher for every potential customer they host.

How it works for a potential customer

– When a potential customer enquires about seeing a completed installation we will collate a handful of potential viewable locations, which feature the relevant products, from the available database.

– We will pass on basic details about that project to the interested customer and if they wish to go ahead we will make contact with the existing customer to make them aware of the interest.

– If both parties confirm suitability then IDSystems would provide a mutual introduction and allow arrangements for the visit to be made.

– Once the visit has been completed we will follow up the visit with the potential customer and process the voucher for the existing customer as a thank you.

How do I register as a viewable location?

If you are an existing IDSystems customer and would like to be included please complete the form below and our team will be in touch to provide you with more information.

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