Why is IDSystems different - factory image

What makes IDSystems so different?

We wanted to provide some reassurance to our customers at a time when there is so much uncertainty, so we’ve sat down with our Managing Director Richard Hunter to answer some important questions.

Why is IDSystems different?
“What makes IDSystems different is that we believe it is only possible to provide our customers with the very best products if we have complete control over the whole supply chain. So unlike the traditional approach we have invested heavily over the last 20 years in our own factory which today covers more than 56,000 square feet. We also only ever use our own employed and experienced installation teams because we firmly believe that if the doors are not fitted correctly you won’t get the end-result that your home deserves.”

How is this different to the rest of the glazing industry?
“Typically in the glazing industry there are a number of separate companies involved in getting your doors and windows from order on paper through to a completed installation. When you order a glazing system the traditional supply chain may include a fabricator (or manufacturer) who physically makes the doors or windows and sells them to your supplier who then sub-contracts the fitting of those systems to independent or self-employed fitters.”

What benefits does owning your own factory and employing your own installers bring?
“In normal circumstances this control makes planning and quality control far easier, however in these current uncertain and unpredictable times that control really comes into its own. By owning our own factory we are not reliant on others to produce products on our behalf and we can give each order the priority required. We will not suddenly find that a supplier has decided to cancel an order or extend a lead-time because they have another customer to keep happy and we won’t learn at the last minute that the fitters we had planned to use are now working for someone else on another job.”

IDSystems fitters vans being loaded How does the current uncertainty impact IDSystems?
“We fully expect that there will be disruptions and delays to some of the projects that we are working on over the coming weeks and months, it is inevitable in the circumstances, but owning the whole process allows us to be more flexible and work closely with our customers to make any rearrangements required as seamlessly as we can.”

With all the uncertainty, how do I know I can trust IDSystems?
“Put simply, we are proud to be a successful family owned business. We aren’t answerable to a hedge-fund or corporate shareholders and this means we can put our customers first, whatever the next few months brings. We understand that uncertainty doesn’t help, especially when you are undertaking a project as significant as an extension or renovation of a property or building a completely new home, but after 20 years of doing this we have the resources to be able to cope. Our advice remains the same as always, do your due dilligence on every potential supplier to understand their background and finances so that you can entrust your project to a safe pair of hands. We have completed more than 30,000 installations over the last two decades and we’ve got plenty of case studies to give you a little bit of inspiration for your build.”

How can I progress my order if I am being advised not to leave the house?
“We always advise customers wherever possible to see our doors before buying because it is the only way to get a feel for the quality, performance and attention to detail, however in these unprecidented times we appreciate that this might not be possible. To help with this we have launched a Virtual Showroom that we will continue to update and develop over the coming weeks and we are also able to conduct discussions via video call (using either Whatsapp or Skype) should you wish us to go into more detail about anything in particular.”